Work Benches & Ergonomic Seating

Work Benches & Ergonomic Seating for any Industry

Assembly, packing, shipping, shop work, testing, R&D…whatever the task, a comfortable, well-equipped work station encourages your employees to give it their best.

We can offer an almost limitless supply of ideas and options for modular, ergonomic workbenches and accessories: Basic Work Stations, Model HD Industry Standards, Cantilever Leg Designs, Packaging Work Stations, Adjustable-height Electric, Technical Work Stations, Enclosed Cabinet Bench with Sliding Doors, Pop-up Ball Transfer Work Stations, Flexline Stations.

The W.T. Hight/Deluxe Systems design team will work with you to identify your requirements and select the workbench ideally suited for the job.


Every project is different. Our personal attention will make all the difference for you. 

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Sample Work Benches to Spur Your Thinking

Work Bench RTW Riser Shelf
Work Bench C Leg Power
Work Bench C Leg Power

RTW Bench with Riser Shelf

RTW Bench with 6-inch Drawer and Power Supply

RCLeg Series 2 Bench


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