Wire Partitions & Storage Lockers

Wire Partitions Tool Storage

Wire Partitions with Storage Racks for Safety & Security

When your sensitive equipment, expensive tools, products, or other items and materials need to be protected, our robust and versatile wire partitions are up to the task. W.T. Hight/Deluxe Systems will review your requirements and develop an ideal solution that delivers maximum protection with optimum space utilization.

Every project is different. Our personal attention will make all the difference for you. 

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Wire Partitions Server Cage
Wire Partitions Storage Lockers


Design Concept

Our easy-to-install system of posts, modular and adjustable panels, ceilings, and accessories offers design flexibility to meet your needs for safe, secure storage.

Accessories such as sliding doors, tunnel doors, service windows, vertical rise doors, mechanical and electronic door locks, and electric and pneumatic door openers and closers enable you to complete your storage area.

Whether a standard or custom design, we will adapt our versatile partitions to your facility needs.

Specialized Safety Systems

  • When you need to go beyond standard storage spaces, we can evaluate and address your individual needs as well.

  • Pallet rack panels and enclosures to prevent items from falling.

  • Machine guarding to protect workers and equipment.

  • Tool cribs and driver cages.

  • DEA-approved enclosures for the storage of controlled substances.

  • Technician lockers (also mechanic or distribution lockers) for inventory control and work organization.

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