Pallet Racks, Cantilever Racks & Carton Flow Racks

Optimize Your Work Flow

When you need to manage high volumes of products or materials for manufacturing or shipping, our racking systems are engineered to meet your storage and workflow requirements. Click below to view each product line in more detail.

Selective Pallet Rack – most sizes in stock for fast shipment.

Cantilever Rack – designed for long, heavy items.

Carton Flow Rack – specialized and customized systems.

W.T. Hight/Deluxe Systems will consult with you to understand your material handling operations and recommend how to integrate an effective solution that enhances safety and boosts productivity at your facility.


Every project is different. Our personal attention will make all the difference for you.  How can we help?


Pallet Flow Series Pallet- Flow Flow Push back Racks Pallet Flow Rack Brace Pallet Flow Racks Pallet Flow Tear drop Rack

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