Modular Drawer Cabinets

Modular Drawer Cabinets Improve Your Use of Space

For the efficient storage and retrieval of small-to-mid-size items, our modular drawer cabinets provide a smart solution. W.T. Hight/Deluxe Systems can help you maximize the use of space and simplify workflow for your employees.

We aim to help you improve inventory control and boost productivity. You have an array of options. Rely on our experience and expertise to create a plan tailored to your facility and needs.

Every project is different. Our personal attention will make all the difference for you.

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  • Design Versatility

    Compared to conventional storage means, you can save up to 60% floor space and streamline your operations with our selection of modular drawer cabinets.

    They are engineered for safe, secure storage with an emphasis on organization and flexibility. Cabinets have a fork truck base, ergonomic handles, and high-strength suspension technology to support loads up to 400 lbs. at 110% drawer extension.

  • High-density Drawers

    The combination of sturdy modular drawers and steel shelving improves storage efficiency because parts are stored in drawers,

    and large items can be stored on shelves above and below the drawers.Installation is fast and easy. Slide suspension technology with Delrin rollers increase strength, enhance rolling performance, and improve durability.