Flow Rack System

When you need to manage high volumes of products or materials for manufacturing or shipping, our sophisticated yet simple Flow Rack systems are engineered to meet your storage and workflow requirements.

W.T. Hight/Deluxe Systems will consult with you to understand your material handling operations and recommend how to integrate an effective solution that enhances safety and boosts productivity at your facility.

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How Does Flow Rack Work?

A successful Flow Rack installation is based on understanding your products, containers, pallets, environment, and material handling needs. 

Flow Rack systems use a set of wheel tracks or full-length rollers set on a slight slope downward from the load end to the unload end. They can have a charge side (pallet-in) and a discharge side (pallet-out) for inventory control.

Products can be stored at various depths and densities and move on their own (with speed controllers) to the unload end. Different forklift operators can independently load and unload pallets.

A Flow Rack system uses skate-wheel lanes for picking systems, polycarbonate wheels for greater storage needs, or rollers for applications not suited for wheels (e.g., steel bins, plastic pods).

How Does Flow Rack Help?

High-density, dynamic Flow Rack systems maximize storage while streamlining your material handling workflow. We work with 3D Storage Solutions to ensure quality and flexibility. Its Flow Rack systems offer:

  • Versatile configuration to handle a variety of pallet types and styles.

  • Greater storage depth and density (2 to 20+ pallets) as well as increased storage capacity.

  • Maximized potential for expansion.

  • First-In/First-Out (FIFO) inventory control.

  • Improved forklift access and productivity.

  • Reduced product damage compared to bulk stacking or drive-in racking.

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