Cantilever Rack

Pallet Flow Series 2000 Double Sided

Cantilever Rack is ideal for storing furniture, steel bars, pipe and tubing, lumber, and other long, heavy items. It allows for instant access to one (1) piece or the entire load, and provides fast, convenient handling of long, difficult stock. Available in single-sided and double-sided configurations.

  • Heights from 6-ft. to 20-ft.
  • Widths from 2-ft. to 10-ft.
  • Arm lengths from 12-ft. to 60-ft.
  • Arm styles include inclined or straight, with or without lip.
  • Capacities from 300 lbs. to 4,000 lbs.

Structural Cantilever Rack, steel decks for arms, and roof supports for covered storage are also available.

 Cantilever components
Cantilever Rack is comprised of three components – uprights, arms, and brace sets – that must be ordered in the appropriate quantities and capacities.


Double-sided Cantilever Rack 

 Cantilever Double Double-sided upright
Double-sided for lumber storage.
Double-sided upright.


Single-sided Cantilever Rack


 Cantilever Single   1 Sided Upright
Single-sided for storage of heavy pipe.


Single-sided upright.

      Cantilever Rack Arms


       Cantilever Straight Arm Cantilever Incline Arm
      Straight Arms up to 48-in. long have a minimum pitch of 3/8-in. per foot to compensate for deflection. Straight Arms of 54-in. and 60-in. have a minimum pitch of 5/8-in. per foot.
      Inclined arms have a pitch of 20-degrees or approximately 4.36-in. per foot.


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      Let us help you design a Cantilever Rack system based on your needs. With the availability of a wide range of sizes, capacities, and configurations, we are confident that we can design, layout, and install a system that works for your organization.


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